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Built for agencies, in house SEO's, and everyone serious about getting more traffic from Google.

You can spend hours digging through analytics, trying to track changes and figure out what's working and what's not.

Or, you can say goodbye to those boring, manual tasks and let SanityCheck do the hard work for you.

Set up in seconds and start getting automated SEO insights and alerts about the data that really matters.

1, Get access to more data

Google Search Console only allows you to view the top 1,000 queries and pages each day. As SanityCheck uses the Google Search Console API it can archive the top 5,000 queries and pages each day. This gives you so much more to work with!

With all this extra data we have 5 reports that highlight new content ideas that you know you'll be able to rank for.

Pre defined reports show questions people search for, long tail keywords, striking distance keywords, and under performing content.

Within minutes you'll have a list of new articles and pages to improve, all based on queries you know you can rank for.

Stop searching for a needle in a haystack and allow SanityCheck to show you what matters.

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2, Improve page and query click through rates

An easy way to get more clicks from Google is to improve the Click Through Rate (CTR) on existing content.

Rather than manually scanning through spreadsheets of data, let SanityCheck highlight the opportunities to get the best increases.

Quickly see which pages and queries are underperforming. Armed with this information you can make the right page title and meta description changes to get more traffic.

3, Make changes with confidence

How do you know if your site changes are good or bad for SEO?

The SEO Testing framework in SanityCheck allows you to setup a test in seconds, and automatically tracks the position, clicks and click through rate since the change.

Show your clients, your manager, or even just yourself that you are making positive progress.

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Plus lots more!

Automated daily PageSpeed tests, keyword tracking, content quality reports, keyword cannibalization report, archiving of Google Search Console data, plus more...

SanityCheck is the time saving secret weapon for people who do SEO.

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Why SEO experts recommend SanityCheck

  • "The data and insights marketers gain from Google Search Console can be increased exponentially with SanityCheck.IO. Highly recommended."
    Cyrus Shepard, SEO Consultant
  • "SanityCheck has become one of my go-to SEO tools because it does so much with all the valuable data hidden in Google Search Console. It's the only thing that gives us the ability to use that data for keyword tracking, SEO tests, and quality testing."
    Ruben Gamez, BidSketch
  • “For every client account that we are being held responsible for, we make sure we have a SanityCheck acccount set up"
    Joshua Ballard, Paradox Marketing
  • "Rank tracking and automated pagespeed tests are really useful, however it is the content suggestions and improvements built in to SanityCheck which make it really stand out."
    Robin Warren, GetCorrello