Do your page titles include the top queries

Boost a page's click through rate by making sure you include the top query in the page title and meta description. This new report in SanityCheck lets you know the pages to work on...

One potentially quick way to improve a page's click through rate from Google is to make sure the top query for a page, based on impressions, is included within the page title and meta description.

Not only will this hopefully rank the page higher for that already popular query, but Google often makes the search terms bold in the search results - so having them in your page title and meta description can help improve the click through rate in a number of ways.

Today in SanityCheck we have released the "Top Queries and Page Titles" report. It checks if the top query for the page is in the meta description too, but putting that in the report name would have made the name very long! :)

This report gets the top 1,000 pages for a site based on impressions, and for each page it gets the top query from the last 90 days from Search Console based on impressions.

It then displays a simple warning icon if the page title or meta description do not include this query.

You can access this report via the Reports link on the left hand navigation within SanityCheck. Once you request the report, you'll get an email once it has completed running.

Small cavet here, the target keyword the page is going after and the top keyword the page is currently getting most impressions for might not be the same.

When using this report, you need to balance out the opportunity and work of improving the page for the target keyword, versus improving the click through rate of the keyword most visible in the search results.

If you still want the page to target the top keyword, rather than the one getting the most impressions, may be this keyword that is getting all the impressions would make a good new sub page which is linked to from the main one?

Check out the report, find some title and meta descriptions to improve, then create an SEO test in SanityCheck so you can monitor the CTR and clicks to see if there's an improvement.

Hope this helps - look forward to your feedback on the report.