How to allow SanityCheck to access your sites Google Search Console data

SanityCheck works with the data from Search Console to archive data, make keyword and content recommendations, and allows you to run SEO tests on site to see how changes have impacted your clicks and rankings.

If you are having any issues connecting SanityCheck to Search Console these steps should help you.

1, The first thing to figure out is the default url Google uses for your site. If you Google your brand name, or domain name - check the url in the search results:

In this example we can see our site is - note it is https and www.

2, We can now open Google Search Console and check that our site property url is an exact match for the url displayed in Google.

If there is a difference in the Search Console url (for example it could be http, or non-www) - you will need to create a new property in Search Console with a url that exactly matches the default url in Google. The other option is to setup a domain property in Google Search Console. More information about doing this can be found here:

Once we either have the correct property, or have created the correct one - we can now move ahead and setup the SanityCheck integration.

3, Once signed up to SanityCheck you get to the integration screen below:

You have 2 choices in how SanityCheck can be authorised to read your sites Google Search Console data.

Option 1 : Click the 'Sign in with Google' button to redirect to Google. Here you will be asked grant permission to SanityCheck. This is known as OAuth authentication.

Option 2 : Manually give this account restricted access in Google Search Console.

The account name looks really weird - but this is because of the way Google generates it. Just think of it as a bit of a long username.

Which option is best?

Option 1 is the easiest, but option 2 is actually the most secure.

When giving access via OAuth - you actually give permissions to all your sites in Google Search Console. SanityCheck never looks at any of the other sites - but it's useful to know this (other SEO tools may ask you to use this integration method and be less scrupulous than SanityCheck!).

Option 2 is more secure as you are explicitly giving Restricted Access to a specific Search Console property. SanityCheck will only ever be able to read any data from site properties in Search Console where you add our named account.