Meet the SanityCheck Team

Meet the team

Nick Swan - Founder

Well it's actually just me. I have been doing SEO since 1998, building websites and developing software a few more years before that.

I live in Bude, Cornwall - which is a small seaside town in the United Kingdom. My partner Sophie and I have 3 kids under 7 which keep us very busy :).

I started SanityCheck to help save myself time and automate a lot of the SEO jobs I was doing with Google Search Console data. A typical 'scratch your own itch' type of tool.

No doubt we have all spent countless hours staring at the numbers in Google Search Console and Analytics - creating our own spreadsheets to track things and work out what changes to make to our sites. is a product built on the back of those manually put together spreadsheets. Instead of doing all the number crunching and graph drawing manually - will do it automatically for you. Saving you time and giving you great insights on how to make your website better and get more organic search traffic from Google.

I have been working on SanityCheck for around 3 years, and running it as a commercial product for 2.

If you have...

  • a support question
  • a feature request
  • a demo request
  • a general SEO question...'ll be talking to me, the person who wrote the code, did the marketing, and answers the emails.

This is the benefit of using and supporting a bootstrapped, single person company. I hope you find the tool useful, and you'll join me on this SanityCheck journey.

You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn, or drop me an email