Happy SanityCheck Customers

  • "We love SanityCheck because anyone can connect it to their Google Search Console with a few clicks and be off to learning insights into keywords and traffic on their website. Since adding SanityCheck, our traffic/clicks has climbed 3x."
    Alex Grande, RecognizeApp.com
  • "By far we use the Tests feature the most, but I like a lot of the other features you include, especially the short list at the top of the home page (long tail, content ideas, etc.). Your product is useful, easy to use, and provides very actionable suggestions."
    Chris Johns
  • "If you like search console data but find the UI inefficient, SanityCheck can help your workflow. The features I use give me time back. Now I invest that to do more or better things."
    Alex Hall, forhims.com
  • "SanityCheck has become one of my go-to SEO tools because it does so much with all the valuable data hidden in Google Search Console. It's the only thing that gives us the ability to use that data for keyword tracking, SEO tests, and quality testing."
    Ruben Gamez, BidSketch
  • "SanityCheck lets us look as far back as we want to figure out how our site changes have affected our organic search impressions, page positions and click-through rates. We literally don’t even bother logging into Search Console anymore."
    Jay Gibb, Cloudsponge
  • "For every client account that we are being held responsible for, we make sure we have a SanityCheck acccount set up."
    Joshua Ballard, Paradox Marketing
  • "SanityCheck is my SEO dashboard. I don't have to make assumptions or spend hours digging around in GSC data, SanityCheck brings the actions to me. Powerful content suggestions and clickthrough optimisation reports have a direct impact on my traffic. I can't recommend this tool enough!"
    Caroline, Breaks.com
  • "Rank tracking and automated pagespeed tests are really useful, however it is the content suggestions and improvements built in to SanityCheck which make it really stand out."
    Robin Warren, GetCorrello
  • "The data and insights marketers gain from Google Search Console can be increased exponentially with SanityCheck.IO. Highly recommended."
    Cyrus Shepard, SEO Consultant
  • "Sanity Check is a valuable resource for making Google Search Console data actionable. I especially like the CTR curve and Testing capabilities. Recommend."
    Joe Haggenjos, Carlton Technologies, Inc.