Automated Daily Page Speed Tests

Ensure your most important pages are running super fast.

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There's an easier way to track your page speeds

Save yourself hours of time by automating your daily page speed tests.

Simply select the pages you want to test and let SanityCheck take care of the rest.

Ditch the expensive, complicated SEO software and manual spreadsheets and see how easy it is to get your pages up to speed.

How it works

SanityCheck runs Page Speed tests every day for your selected sites and pages.

You don't need to dig through tons of data to figure out what's slowing things down.

With SanityCheck's automated reporting and user-friendly interface, you can see at a glance what needs to be fixed to keep your rankings up.

Don't let changes you didn't know about slow you down.

SanityCheck page speed bulk test results screenshot

Developers, content creators, and other third parties can all make changes to the sites you're working on without you knowing.

SanityCheck delivers daily alerts for your important pages. When they slow down unexpectedly you can get them back up to speed before it affects your rankings.

Catch PageSpeed score issues

Set up in seconds.

Connecting SanityCheck to Google Search Console and setting up daily page speed tests takes less than a minute. We've timed it!

Run tests site-wide and across multiple sites and have total confidence that changes being made to your site aren't affecting your page speed scores.

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