Make Changes - Track Results

SanityCheck uses the data from Google Search Console to see whether changes you make to your site boost your rankings and clicks from Google.

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Have you made a change to your website and want to know how it effects your Google Rankings?

Many times I have read a case study or piece of advice to improve my rankings in Google - but when I implement the changes on my site myself - I was never sure whether they worked.

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The general advice is to test everything. Never assume what works on one site, will work on yours. In fact do not assume what works on one page of your site will work on others. You must test everything.

Good SEO is all about running experiments.

I tried to track separate tests on different pages in a spreadsheet, but it took too long clicking through Google Search Console to get at the data.

So I started looking at the Google Search Console API - and how I can automate the running of these SEO tests and experiments. SanityCheck is the tool that has come from all the work.

SEO Testing Made Easy

Run AB split tests to compare two groups of urls.

Or a simple time based test that compares previous weeks against weeks since the change was made.

Setup SEO Tests in seconds.

You can now simply setup an SEO test for a page in 2 seconds. SanityCheck then compares the past 6 weeks of clicks, ranking, click through rate and impression data against the next 6 weeks.

Now you can be confident that changes you make to your pages improve your Google rankings, and if a change makes your rankings drop - you can go back to the previous version.

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Companies that run SEO tests with SanityCheck