Effortless SEO Testing

Easily track the changes you make to pages and websites, to see if they have an effect on Google rankings and clicks.

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Intelligent SEO testing

SanityCheck uses the data from Google Search Console so you can see with confidence that the changes you make are working.

Simply make your changes to pages or websites, submit them for Google to crawl, and let SanityCheck do the rest.

Your tests update every time Google Search Console does, so you can see at a glance how your changes are performing against the previous version.

Run multiple tests at once and get automated reports that save you hours of time and frustration working on spreadsheets.

Smart SEO Testing Features

Our AB test option lets you easily split test two groups of URLs.

The time-based testing option lets you compare previous weeks against weeks since the changes were made.

If your rankings drop, it's easy to restore the previous version and start testing again.

Set up your SEO tests in seconds

Start new tests with a few clicks and see how easy SEO testing can be.

With SanityCheck, you'll have complete confidence that the changes you make to pages are improving your Google rankings.

Try free for 14 days

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