How To Get New Content Ideas

How to use and the data it imports from Google Search Console to get new content ideas that will bring traffic to your site.

Content remains the linchpin of Search Engine Optimization. Writing content that is targetted to keywords in your niche is still the cornerstone to get more visitors to your website from Google.

But what keywords and content to write about?

There are 3 tactics that you can use to come up with new content ideas that get traffic:

  1. Research keywords around your niche and pick a keyword that gets a large number of monthly searches. Create content focusing on that keyword.
  2. See the keywords you are already appearing in Google for but may be not directly targeting.
  3. Write whatever you fancy and see what works. (You can then revert to option 2 to fine tune later.)

In an ideal world you would do all three - but if you want to get the best return for your time and effort I think option 2 is the best bet. You will be targeting a keyword that the site already ranks for - and if you were to create a page focusing on that keyword it would have a great chance of ranking well and getting new traffic.

But how to find them? This is how to do it in

On the Main Dashboard, click on the link "...get some new content ideas"

This report shows a list of keywords that your site appears in Googles search results for, but people are not clicking through to your site. This would indicate the page being returned for the query is not strongly related to the keyword the person has put into Google. In Google speak, Google would say "the page does not answer the person's question".

Lets take an example, this is the report for a golf site I am looking after:

We can see here the keyword "Ernie Els swing video".

If we click on the graph icon next to the keyword you can see how you have been ranking for this keyword over a period of time, it also shows the page that is ranking.

If we take a look at this page we can see it does include Ernie Els but it is about his pitching rather than his full golf swing.

So I could create a page that has a video of Ernie Els full golf swing, get a golf professional to do some analysis of it for me - and get it up on the site. I am quite confident that as the site already ranks well for "Ernie Els swing video" - if we create a page targeting this keyword it will rank well. can also help us with the type of content we should add onto the page. If we click on our keyword "Ernie Els golf swing" - we will be taken to a page that pulls data from the Google feature "People also searched for" and "Related Searches" sections.

By making sure we cover these topic, and even directly answering questions such as "Ernie Els swing tempo" and "How fast does Ernie Els swing?" - there is more chance of Google rating the quality of your page highly and you appearing high up in the search results.

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