How to find pages you can improve on your website to rank better

How use to find existing pages on your website that can get you more traffic from Google

When looking for content to improve - you want to get the maximum return for the effort.

From looking at Click Through Rates - for pages, this involves getting a page that sits on Page 2 of Googles Search Results onto Page 1 and into the top 10 results.

Lets get going...

From the main dashboard in, click on "...improve an existing page"

This report shows pages that are on page 2 or worse. If you can take one of these pages and improve the content and get Google to put them on page 1 - you will see a nice uplift in traffic to your site.

Lets look at an example from our golf site again.

From this report I can pick out the page :

If we take a look at this page, we can see it is a product for sale - but most importantly the page is pretty light on content.

So there are a number of things we can look at.

  1. Can we improve the page title and meta description to encourage users to click on the page in the search results listing? An increase in Click Through Rate could be enough to move a page up the rankings.
  2. Check the content on the page. If there is a small amount of content, you have a great opportunity by increasing it with relevant content.
  3. If there is a lot of content can it be reordered with better headings?

If your page qualifies for #2 and #3 - the first thing to do is see the keywords the page is being returned for already. Click on the url of the page in the report and you can see the keywords.

Are the keywords relevant to the page? If not you could have a new content oppportunity.

Are the keywords directly used in the page? If not - and it makes sense, rewrite or add content and use the keywords.

If you click on the keywords listed for the page - you can see the terms and questions display in the search results for the "People also searched for" and "Related Searches" sections.

These often make good headings for sections of content, and if you do see a questions that you can have as a heading and then answer directly in your text it is a great one to include.

If you do not get any keyword or question suggestions - try shortening your keyword/phrase. A query made up of 1 or 2 words seems to work best.